Designing vintage cars

When a hobby becomes a profession

Relax in a Jacuzzi made from a beautiful Plymouth, use a barbeque grill made from a rare Renault Fourgonnette, or share an ice cream inside a darling Mini Minor.

For over ten years, Eitan Gayer has been travelling across the country to seek out vintage cards from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, which he converts into extraordinary design creations and giving them a new an original lease on life.

The cars we design are placed at private business meetings and at exhibitions. They are also very suited for fashion stores, restaurants, hotels, and other venues. The cars can be both functional items and thought-provoking works of art for guests and visitors.

The redesign and reuse of popular vintage cars has been a very successful business for many years in Europe and the US. Eitan Gayer is Israel’s pioneer in this field.

In addition to converting cars into original, functional, and amazing items, we are also specialists in renovating and reusing old cars. We are currently working on renovating 1950s-era fire engines, which will be placed at the National Firefighting School in Rishon LeZion.